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What Will You Have in neoForms

neoForms Features

* Unlimited forms
* 25+ Fields ( 12 fields in free version )
* Drag and drop. No coding required.
* Visual form builder. You will see the output in realtime.
* Blazing fast admin panel.
* Ajax form submission. Form can be submitted without page refresh.
* Schedule form submission. You can set the schedule within which the form will be accessible.
* Set redirection after successful form submission.
* Customize message on form submission.
* Limit form submission. You can limit form submission.
* Supports different form types along with contact form.
* Suitable to any theme
* Responsive
* 24 grids support.

Pro Features

* Premium support.
* Automatic and regular update.
* Role based permission. You can define the roles that you want to have access for the form
* Multistep functionality.
* Different form presets
* 14 New and complex fields unlocked.
* Conditional fields. You can set field to be dependable on other fields when rendering.

Pro form types

* Registration form
* Event registration form
* Rating form
* Recommendation form
* Support form
* Online booking form (Coming soon)
* Leave application form (Coming soon)
* Form to report bug. (Coming soon)
* Comment form. (Coming soon)
* More is coming … 🙂

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