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Go to WooCommerce > Settings. And select ‘Auction’ tab.  (Select ‘General’ section if it is not selected.) You will get an interface like the image below.

If the user (who is selected as winner) does not claim/take/own the product within the specified time limit

If any bidder after being selected as winner for an auction, does not claim /own/take the product with a specified time, you can take action on that user. There are two type actions

  1. Ban that user – Checking this option will ban the user from auction
  2. Make product private for re-auction in future – Checking this option, the product will be set to private instead of being public, if that product is not claim by the winner.

Time limit to take the product

This is the option , where you have to specify the time in day, within which the product is to be claimed by the winner.

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