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Go to WooCommerce > Settings. And select ‘Auction’ tab.  Select ‘Notification’ section. You will get an interface like the image below.

Notification on joining request approval – User makes the request to join an auction by purchasing the token of that auction. If you complete the order of that token purchase , the request by that user to join the auction is approved. And in that case, the notification will sent to that user to let him know about the approval.

Notify the bidder when he bids – A notification about the bid will be sent to the bidder via email when he places bid on the auction.

Notify other bidders when someone bids – Notify the bidder bids , other bidders will be notified via mail

Notify bidders on auction deadline – When the auction is time about to over, this notification will be sent to the bidders.

Notify bidders on auction end – Notify bidders when the auction ends.

Notify bidder when he wins an auction – Notification will be sent to the bidder who is selected as winner in an auction.

Notify admin on auction end – Admin will be notified when an auction ends.



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