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Basic Overview

With User Frontend for Elementor, you can

  1. Create a complete frontend admin panel for the user(s) with specific role(s) if you want, so that they won’t need to have access to your main admin panel. It will make your site secure and ensure the users having an easy panel with the sections they really to have access and not messing up with other sections.
  2. Enable desired users to create post, page or even user , category, taxonomy, tags etc from frontend. This way they won’t need to get into main admin panel.
  3. Enable specific users to edit them.
  4. Create forms as many as you want to set them as post form, user form, category form, tag form, settings form or other form to let the desired users create corresponding item (post, page, category etc) from frontend using this form.
  5. Have more display widgets like post list, category list, user list, themes, plugins list etc to let you make different admin page with them.
  6. Control who you want to access your site’s main admin panel and who you do.

After activating User Frontend for Elementor, there will be a menu item in the admin panel from where you can create form, see form listing, modify settings for the plugin and have other help.

To have the all the forms listing click on “All Forms”

Form listing

From “Add New”, you can create form.

You will get to know in details on how to create form from here

From “Settings” menu, you can change the global setting of this plugin.

To know in details about settings, head over to this link.

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