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Creating Post Form

After landing on form create page, you will an interface like this.

The form that we are going to create will have fields for inserting post title, and content. Good thing is, User Frontend for Elementor itself shipped with these fields as widget. Find them from the widget list and place them as how you want.

Place this widgets to your form. You will get something like this.

Now, clicking on any of these field will open the settings panel for that. you can change field label, default value, placeholder, description or other attributes from there.

Field attribute for post title

Let’s leave them as is.

Now add a submit button from widgets. Type “Submit” in widget search box and you will find it. Place it in the form.

Complete form after placing submit button

The form is now ready visually.

Now, to let the your site know that it is a form to create post, you have to change some settings which you will get from the form page settings.

Click it, and the settings will appear. Open “Form Settings” tab from there.

Every settings field is quite self explanatory. Change your form settings like this and publish the form.

That’s it. You have successfully created post form.

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