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Creating Option Group with Builder

  1. After activating the plugin, you will get a “Woo Product Options” submenu item under Admin Menu > Product. Navigate to this.
  2. Click “Add New” to add new option group. This will redirect to the page like the imag below

    This is the page where you have to create the option group. You have provide a name/title for this option group ( in mark (1) ) , create option fields in form builder section (in mark (2) ) . All the options will be listed in right sidebar (mark (3) ).
  3. Now to create option, firstly you have to create placeholder where the options fields will be placed. So click on “Add Placeholder”. It will create a placeholder hovering on which will be something like the image below.
    As you can see, the placeholder has some button.

    1. Add Field –  clicking this button will show you a list of field types (e.g: text, textarea , number etc), from which you can chose one to add in the placeholder.
    2. Add Placeholder – Clicking this will add new placeholder next to this placeholder.
    3. Clone Placeholder – Clone the placeholder and all the fields added in it next to it.
    4. Copy Placeholder – Same as “Clone Placeholder”, but it does not place the copied content, instead it copies the content in clipboard, which you will have paste somewhere.
    5. Remove Placeholder – Removes the placeholder and all the fields inside.
    6. Move Placeholder – Use it to move the placeholder along with its content to somewhere. This option is used to change the order of placeholders if there are multiple placeholder
  4. Click on “Add Field” will show you the list of field types.
  5. Click on “Text” field from the list to add text field in the placeholder. Thus you will get a text field like this

    Hovering on this field will show some option like the image below.

    Everything here is self explanatory as previous one except the “Settings” button.

    1. Settings – Cliking this button will bring a setting panel where you have specify the name , class, id of the field and so on.
      In the image obove, the name of the text field has been set to “quality_field”. ( Obviously, you can set any name as you want ). And the label has been set to “Quality”. Othe fields left blank, since for this demo we don’t need those. But you can use those as per your need. After , changing the attrinutes click save.
  6. Give any title to this option group in the title bar. In our demo, we are naming it “Test Group”. Then click publish to save it.
  7. Now, we have an option group built having a simple single text field named “quality_field” and labelled “Quality”. 🙂
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